A Christmas Poem

His Father’s Son
by Thom Tapp

While Mary lay watching her newborn child,
Holding her baby so tender and mild,
As Joseph stood watch by the manger that night,
And shepherds were awed by the wondrous sight,
A Heavenly Father looked down with pride,
And angels in glory rejoiced at His side.

She tended the needs of her Son as He grew
And Joseph provided the best that he knew,
The message still lingered in Mary’s dear heart,
The words that would never depart,
This Child would be to His people some day,
The price they could never repay.

The words of the Father nurtured the Son,
And had since his journey begun,
He was carried to the manger by Mary that day,
With Joseph beside them guiding the way,
But the Father imparted His perfect will,
As He walked with Jesus up Golgotha’s Hill.

His Father announced His birth with a star,
He summoned the wisest men from afar,
His glory shone brightly when Jesus was born,
The Father delivered the gift of His Son.

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Let’s get real about online community

I have talked about the ideal goals of online community for Cyber Church, but that is the VISION. It is the ULTIMATE goal. What about now?

Well, I will be working on a good starting place soon. As the old saying goes, every journey starts with the first step. What can I do NOW? Until I gain some fellow journeyers the first step for me is to start a simple web site for Christians who want to find a missionary/ministry outlet online which utilizes their abilities. In other words, my vision will start small, and grow as God blesses my/our efforts.

I anticipate the first web presence of the online community will be a resource/motivation/creativity site for Christians.

Stay in touch for more… and remember, little is much if God is in it!

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Cyber Church Concept Ideas

The concept of a Cyber Church, in my vision, is that of a portal. What I mean by that is a site where many resources are available at any given time. Live worship would be available at specific times, and access would be available to anyone at any time other than that time as well.
Many church sites present a time of live service, and after that only provide a static site.

I envision the true Cyber church to be both a static site AND a dynamic site. It would be a place to go for Bible study any time, a place to share and be ministered to, and a platform for ministry and missions for the core group.

Eventually, it would become a community of believers much like a local church – with local face to face gatherings at special times and small groups which could meet to plan or minister.

If you have experience with web development, graphics, online video, Bible study presentation verbally or in writing… or if you have an interest in helping to plan for such an online community, simply post me here by leaving a comment.


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What would a good Cyber Church look like?

First of all, it would BE a church online, but it wouldn’t be CALLED a church. The word church already has meaning to many people who are not involved with church. The “church” experience is what turned many people away from church to start with.  My vision of a great Cyber Church is that of a mission endeavor coupled with a worship experience. An example would be one web site with many sub sites. There would be a place for the core leadership group to worship and fellowship together for the purpose of strength and uplift. Then there would be a general worship area for the purpose of outreach, including popular trends in music and video. Also included would be testimony sections by people who have been saved, and whose lives have been changed by the Gospel. Then, it should also include a sub section for home-bound people who are ministered to through traditional services, music, and approaches.

The thrust would be inclusiveness. Today’s culture feels excluded by today’s church in many cases. This is NOT to say there are not good inclusive churches, because there certainly are! These churches exist in all genra, but they are few and far between.

Recently, I had back surgery. While I was home-bound for six weeks, I tried to find meaningful ways to worship on TV, but didn’t find anything to make me feel a part of the experience. Some of the messages were good, but mostly all I found were sermons. Time constrains their ministry, but on the web, there is no such constraint!

The overriding principle of online church for me, at least, is to convey the Gospel in a non threatening way, and to offer meaningful community to those who otherwise would not have it.

That’s it for today. Please feel free to comment or offer your own ideas!



Interested in Cyber Church?

Have you noticed the reluctance of most church communities to embrace new technology? I believe there is a great mission field in the East Tennessee area for a vibrant on-line community for believers. Over the next few days, I will be sharing my ideas for building a “Cyber Church” for our own community. It will be a place where new ideas and fresh missions thrusts are welcome, not discouraged! If you have gifts and talents that would really shine through such an endeavor, and would like to be a part of something new in East Tennessee, give me a private post. I am so anxious to feel free to minister in the name of Christ, as God leads me.

I have pastored for 30 years now, and God is now leading me to take a leap of faith. He has given me a unique set of gifts, as well as the Spiritual gift of a pastor. Would you like to be a part of the beginning of a great ministry? Let me know!


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Strangers in a Strange Land

Exodus 2:22
22 And she bare him a son, and he called his name Gershom: for he said, I have been a stranger in a strange land.

As Christians in modern America, we are truly strangers in a strange land. For those of us in the Boomer generation and older, the strangeness is painfully obvious. This is not an issue of “our generation is better than your generation”, it is an issue of eroding belief in the God who has blessed and kept us throughout all generations.

The issues facing American Christians today are truly black and white in nature. They are issues of morality, integrity, honor, honesty and self sacrifice. These issues are set forth in Scripture as being Godly attributes.

As Christians, and Strangers in a Strange Land, we should be sure of our foundation. If Jesus is your Lord, you know it. You know that Jesus is the only way to God. There can be no wavering on this point. When the media ridicules us on this point, it should not impact us. When other belief systems challenge us, we should not falter.  Jesus is Lord. That is fact.

As Christians, we should always promote the things that God promotes. That means we oppose such things as the killing of innocent unborn children, deviant sexual lifestyles, the removal of God from the public forum, and the substitution of “social justice” for Christian ministry. Every issue we face as Christians should be filtered through the Bible, God’s perfect Word.

Christians should be bold, but not obstinate. Wimpy Christians and beligerent Christians are the bane of Christ’s mission. Jesus came to seek and to save that which is lost. That mission requires Christians who are Christ-like.

I challenge you to be bold. I challenge you to promote Christ in a Christless world. I challenge you to minister in love, and take the actions your beliefs dictate! In this strange land, we can stand for Christ and show His love if we remember our foundation.


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Bro. Eli has Back Surgery…

Bro. Eli Has Back Surgery

Bro. Eli Has Back Surgery

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I’m Back from Surgery!!!

Wow! It has been an interesting and painful three weeks since I had my back surgery! For those of you who did not know, that is why I have not posted on my blog for a while.

I had a cyst on my L-4 spine area which was pressing on a nerve. It was causing the deterioration of my right leg. So… the surgeon removed the cyst, fused the disk, and put two rods in my spine to support the weakened spine. I will be in a brace for three months!

I am very happy with the results. I think I will be back to 100% soon! However, you can now call me the $100,000 man! My total hospital and dr. bill is well over that amount! Thank goodness for insurance!!!

Now, I hope the doctor didn’t remove my sense of humor… and I’ll try to get back to regular posts here. Thanks for your prayers, and keep on remembering me. I need all the prayers I can get!


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Who’s Yer Daddy?

Poor ol’ Brother Eli just can’t win for loosing! Ha!

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New COTCD Strip…

Martha hasn’t been on the scene much lately, so I drew this one with her in it. I like to draw strips much better than I like to draw Panel Cartoons, but most people want single panel cartoons these days! The strip allows you to develop a punch line, and build the characters.

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