A Christmas Poem

His Father’s Son
by Thom Tapp

While Mary lay watching her newborn child,
Holding her baby so tender and mild,
As Joseph stood watch by the manger that night,
And shepherds were awed by the wondrous sight,
A Heavenly Father looked down with pride,
And angels in glory rejoiced at His side.

She tended the needs of her Son as He grew
And Joseph provided the best that he knew,
The message still lingered in Mary’s dear heart,
The words that would never depart,
This Child would be to His people some day,
The price they could never repay.

The words of the Father nurtured the Son,
And had since his journey begun,
He was carried to the manger by Mary that day,
With Joseph beside them guiding the way,
But the Father imparted His perfect will,
As He walked with Jesus up Golgotha’s Hill.

His Father announced His birth with a star,
He summoned the wisest men from afar,
His glory shone brightly when Jesus was born,
The Father delivered the gift of His Son.

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